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Free Home Owner's Programme

  • Comprehensive Home Ownership Programme - is an educational programme dealing with key issues relating to being a responsible first time home-owner.
  • This will be completed online through e-Learning.
  • Visit to complete the programme online.
  • For sectional title visit

Make sure you're covered

Housing developments

Smart Bond also offers you an opportunity to buy into approved housing developments nationwide. FNB together with several partners (including affordable housing developers) are working together in order to unlock the housing solution in SA.

Draft your own will today, for FREE!

FNB offers a safe custody service, where we'll keep your will safe and secure. This service costs R100 per year, and includes free courier collection of your will.

Plus: You might even qualify for FREE custody!

To set up your own will today, simply

  • Draft
  • Print
  • Sign

Terms, conditions and rules apply

Smart Bond Future Choice

  • It is subject to the bank's minimum qualifying criteria.
  • This allows you to register a higher bond amount (more than the purchase price), that could be used in future.
  • The amount approved will be dependent on the value of your property.
  • Your monthly repayments will only increase once you access the Future Choice amount.
  • Registration costs will be determined by the Future Choice bond amount.

Further Bond

It allows you to apply for and register an additional bond, over and above the existing home loan already registered. Subject to your application being approved by the bank.

Smart Bond Readvance

  • This gives you access to the funds that make up the difference between the original registered amount and the outstanding balance.
  • It's simpler than registering an additional bond and the funds are readily available, provided you meet the bank's minimum credit criteria.
  • Available only upon application.

Qualifying criteria

  • Earning a minimum monthly income of R3 500 before deductions
  • For joint applications, each applicant should not earn more than R25 000 before deductions
  • South African citizen with a valid bar-coded ID document or smart ID card
  • Formal/permanent employment with a minimum 12 months in current or previous employment
  • Salary or wages paid into bank account by employer

Home Owners Comprehensive Cover

The insurance is against damage to the building and permanent fixtures of a house and outbuildings due to natural or unforeseen events, such as fire or a burst geyser and excludes wear and tear. Home Owners cover insures your property and any structural improvements to the property for the replacement value of the property. This insurance is compulsory on freehold property offered as security, and must remain in place as long as there is a registered mortgage bond in favour of FirstRand. For Outsurance Home Owners cover we allow the premium to be included in your monthly repayment amount, however all other 3rd party Home Owners cover premiums needs to be paid by the customer directly.

Home Owners cover taken through Outsurance is provided for as follows:

  • Year-on-year increase
  • Customer may provide own cover - provided that it's acceptable to the bank
  • FNB Housing Finance will confirm if the 3rd party policy is paid and in good standing and the replacement value is acceptable
  • Based on full replacement value of the house
  • Premium calculated by insurer is based on the replacement value of the property, as conducted by the Home Loans Valuator

Life Assurance

Life and disability insurance

If you take FNB's insurance, your insurance premiums will be added to your monthly repayment amount. However, if you choose to take insurance cover with an outside company, remember that the premiums will not form part of your monthly loan repayment amount. These will have to be paid by you directly to the insurance provider.

  • Before rejecting FNB's insurance quotation, please ensure you have a comprehensive quote.
  • You can choose your own insurance company, as long as it meets the minimum requirements of FNB Housing Finance. Please note that the bank has the right to accept or reject the proposed insurance.

Minimum requirements for approval

  • Your life insurance must cover the outstanding loan balance.
  • Your insurance provider must be a credible and South African registered insurance company.
  • Policies ceded must be accepted and approved by FNB Housing Finance and must cover death and permanent disability for the full outstanding loan balance.
  • Please ensure that the debt order on the insurance is paid every month. If the premium is not deducted from your account, you must immediately take this up with your insurance provider.

In case of disability, you will need the following documents to claim:

  • A copy of the official boarding / welcome letter
  • Your identity document (ID) - South African bar coded identity document or smart ID card
  • Confidential medical report (from the treating specialist)
  • A declaration by your employer.
  • Copies of your medical reports (not older than 6 months)

Smart Bond

Housing you can afford

Smart Bond is tailor-made for individuals earning a minimum gross monthly income of R3 500 and maximum of R25 000. For joint applications, each applicant should not earn more than R25 000 gross income.

What's hot

Support, knowledge + guidance

Getting started is easy

100% bond finance, no deposit required. Option of fixing the interest rate for a 5-year period

Free Home Owner's Programme

A free comprehensive home-ownership programme

Read more

Housing developments

An opportunity to buy a house within a network of housing developments

Read more

Make sure you are covered

Ensures that the property is covered from the first day you take ownership

Read more

Draft your own will today

Draft your own last will and testament in a few easy steps

Read more

Payment options

Weigh up the options

Before you make the decision on how to finance your property, you need to understand the options that are available and what would best suit your needs.

Smart Bond Future Choice

Read more

Further Bond

Read more

Smart Bond Readvance

Read more

What it costs

Understand the costs involved

Property price The bank may finance the total purchase price of your house (Ts & Cs apply).
Interest rate Your interest rate will be determined by your individual credit risk profile
Monthly admin fee R68. 40 incl.VAT
Initiation fee (once off) R5 985 incl.VAT
Early termination fee
Without advance notice - up to 3 months interest will be charged

With advance notice - up to 3 months interest less period of settlement notice will be charged

Appyling made easy

Smart Bond

Qualifying criteria

  1. Earning a minimum gross monthly income of R3 500
  2. For joint applications, each applicant should not earn more than R25 000 gross income

View full qualifying criteria

How to get it

Call me back

Other ways to apply

Find a branch

Documents needed

  • Latest payslip*
  • 3 months' bank statements (if not banking with with FNB)*
  • Property details (duly signed Offer to Purchase)

*For joint application dual documents are required