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What you as a graduate can look forward to at FNB

About the Graduate Programme Experience

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An overall three week "Welcome" to the bank where you are introduced to the world of work, specifically how a bank works and the general understanding of everyday workings, like the FNB Intranet, dress code, your payslip and medical aid. During this period you get to network with your fellow graduates, your managers, direct HR and all the CEOs.

Banking Channels Projects

This project is handed to graduates within the induction period where they are split into teams and required to engage with various FNB branches, their managers and staff to implement and successfully compile feedback for a presentation that will be given to the relative stakeholders within Banking Channels. This is the first time as a graduate that you will come to understand that all your work is taken seriously, as innovative solutions have a great chance of being implemented within this segment.

Working in the Business Units

Although you are introduced to FNB at an entry level position you are an employee, which means you have to be accountable and responsible. Each business unit has their own culture, dynamic and outcomes, and you need to find your feet and still produce expected results. From day one you will be given responsibilities that you need to fulfil but more than that grow your knowledge and network to become an expert within your field, as opportunities arise at any moment.

Meeting the CEOs

Each graduate gets the opportunity to meet the "Big Bosses". This is an amazing aspect of joining the FNB Graduate Program since it makes you so much more aware of how much these executives value and entrust your presence within business. Truthfully they are interactive, humble and have a "cool" factor that they embody which is the culture they have filtered throughout the organisation.

Career Development and Succession Planning

Your first job is usually an experience that moulds your dreams and aspirations for your career. By choosing FNB as an employer you have already afforded yourself the opportunity of seeing different segments of the bank, where you currently fit in and could possibly fit in in the future. As you grow in expertise (through training and networking) and seal your projects with your trademark, you could be the next CEO of FNB.


This forms part of your first six months of being a graduate and is compulsory for you to learn valuable skills that will be vital in future. All training is done in groups, which is great because you get to catch up with your fellow graduates that are engulfed in their own jobs. Some modules covered are Project Management, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Business Writing and many more.


Having the opportunity to meet higher level employees of the bank through the Graduate program, means we have given you the edge to connect, but what you do with it thereafter is up to you. The saying "It's not what you know, but rather who you know" is of great truth in the corporate environment because projects never work in isolation - forming a network is therefor essential.

Graduate Project

The Graduate Project is done in groups where you must source a project that needs to be implemented before November of that year and presented to relevant stakeholders on its benefits within FNB and to customers. The Top 3 innovations are awarded prizes, which range from an overseas trip to Paris, Cape Town and Sun City. Furthermore, if your project was truly impressive you can even log it on to the bank's annual innovations league where you can contend for the overall Innovations prize of R3 million.

Team Building

Just as any period comes to an end, the Graduate period is closed off at a weekend finale conducted at an amazing venue. Here graduates come together along with the Grad Team to reflect and acknowledge the journey they have had thus far. It's a weekend made of memories that will stay with you after you have become part of the Elite Grad Alumni.

The Graduate Programme Experience