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Accepts + dispenses

Transform your transactions at the till with FNB SmartTILL™.
FNB SmartTILL™ is an electronic till system that is able to accept and dispense notes and coins.

Benefits to your business

Improved security + money

How SmartTILL™ can benefit your business

  • Accepts cash directly at the point of sale
  • Removes the need for manual cash ups
  • Dispenses the correct amount of change to your customer, automatically
  • Eliminates human counting errors
  • Enables faster transactions, increased by up to 30%
  • Offers automated predefined float management
  • Reduces shortages to as low as R0.00

  • Enables SmartTILL™ withdrawal services for your customers
  • Increases security
  • Does real-time monitoring of denomination levels
  • Proactively plans and manages your cash flow
  • Is accessible remotely through a mobile device
  • Offers reporting for your reconciliation and forecasting


No more manual

The SmartTILL™ removes the manual element involved in traditional till systems, thus speeding up the process and removing the risk of cash visibility.

Sealed note recycler

Multiple denomination slots, holds up to 800 notes.

Sealed note collector

Secure device that automatically extracts notes from the till

Sealed coin recycler

Holds up to 3 000 coins

Back-office software

Real-time and historic reporting of levels of cash

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Why choose Cash Solutions


We offer a wide range of easy-to-use options to simplify cash handling


Each transaction has a traceable reference number


Our solutions save you time and are easily accessible across the country, giving you more time to focus on your business


You can minimise costs by using the most appropriate channel for your business's cash

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