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Technology is a critical driver in any industry and specifically in financial services. As Africa's most innovative bank*, we always want to be at the cutting edge.

So we require the brightest minds when it comes to building and delivering end-to-end technology solutions - from architectural design, development and testing to the implementation and management of the systems environment.

* 2017 African FinTech Awards.


Credit plays an important role in the lives of our customers as it is an enabler to their dreams and helps them take care of other needs. At the same time, we have a responsibility to ensure our business remains profitable so that we can continue to serve our customers.

Which is why we need the sharpest minds when it comes to developing and implementing various credit risk management principles, practices, systems and processes.

Legal, Risk and

We are strongly guided by our values in all we do and Ethics is one of them. So we place great value on doing the right thing always.

Legal, Risk and Compliance helps us do this and we need the most astute minds when it comes to the management, identification, containment and investigation of all risk types - fraud, legal, compliance, investigation anti money laundering, functional risk and quality assurance.

Process, Operations
and Administration

FNB couldn't run without the right processes, operations and administration in place.

Which is why we need the most switched on minds when it comes to managing, organising, defining, maintaining and enhancing business performance and efficiencies.

Data and

Better data means better analytics and better ways to help our customers. With better insights come better products and services, which makes data and analytics critical to what we do as a business and why we need the sharpest minds to do it.

Through quantitative, analytical, mathematical and statistical methods, we are better able to make sense of data, understand business trends, make smart decisions and solve financial and risk problems, credit modelling and pricing.


As a financial services provider, we need to have up-to-the-minute, accurate and irrefutable financial information. So we need exceptional minds to help us with the management, monitoring and reporting of financial practices and procedures.

This provides us with critical business intelligence and enables informed business decision-making.

Human Capital

We believe our people give us our edge and set us apart from other financial institutions. We want to make sure that every FNB employee's potential is recognised and greatness unleashed.

Which means we need the brightest minds when it comes to human resources - from planning, organising, directing and evaluating operations to developing and implementing policies and innovative programmes across the full employee life cycle.

Support Services

To ensure our business runs efficiently, effectively and safely, we couldn't do it without the dedicated help of support services.

We need the most resourceful minds to make things work like clockwork and make sure that it's always business as usual, even though we're all about banking unusual.


Our products are what our customers come to know us by and provide great opportunities to innovate, set us apart and make a meaningful difference in our customers' lives.

We look for brilliant minds to identify and develop new products and find ways to enhance existing products so that we deliver real value to our customers and inspire new customers to use our products.

Marketing and

We are proud of our FNB brand and what it has come to represent in the minds of consumers. We want to make sure it remains a loved and top of mind brand, not only with our customers and other stakeholders, but all South Africans.

So we need the most creative minds to build our brand both internally and externally, through strategic and relevant marketing and communications across all touch points.


We have a responsibility to both our customers and our shareholders to ensure that assets are invested appropriately.

We need the smartest minds to ensure superior risk-adjusted performance, with an emphasis on improving underlying asset manager performance over the long term so that we can deliver quality investment performance to both.

Sales and Client

Sales and Client Services is where we connect with customers, both existing and potential, and truly help to define and enhance the FNB customer experience. When it comes to sales, we need the most customer-centric minds to grow our existing customer base through providing end-to-end solutions.

At the same time, we need the most customer-focused minds to help provide front-end and back office customer service and support.


At FNB, we're always looking for individuals who've got the energy, enthusiasm and experience to make a difference. We believe it takes a wide variety of skills from a diverse group of people to build a great business that is not only driven to help customers but is also determined to create a better world. Because no matter what your role is at FNB, what you do matters.

Fintech Africa's Most Innovative Bank in Africa 2017