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FNB Insurance brokers
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Assets, Liabilities and Financial Losses

We offer cost effective and flexible cover for your business' insurance exposure (ie, property, stock, tools and money) against accidents, fire, theft and third-party claims. The advice given by our professional brokers would make it easy to select the best cover for your business.

Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance is an essential component of risk management. You can have the freedom to operate confidently and securely in the knowledge that the risks facing you, and those around you, are covered. Our products provide valuable cover for businesses and professionals across a broad range of industries.

Commercial Property Insurance protects your property from risks such as fire, lightning and other forms of risks that can damage your building.

Our Asset Finance products are supported by WesBank and include insurance cover for the following:

  • Fleet finance
  • Plant and equipment
  • Agri-equipment
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Aviation finance

Aviation insurance

Our aviation insurance includes solutions for corporate aircraft, private owners, charter operators, operators' liability, experimental aircraft and deductible insurance. It provides coverage for exterior losses, as well as liability for passenger injuries, environmental and third-party damage caused by aircraft accidents.

Marine Insurance (local and international transport insurance)

Marine and logistics risks can be complex and diverse. With our knowledge and resources, we can provide you with specialist risk advice, and incorporate your specific needs into fully tailored and competitively priced marine liability insurance solutions. In addition to marine insurance, we can tailor-make an insurance offering that covers all aspects of your financial transactions, such as trade finance, credit insurance and export credit insurance.

Heavy Commercial Vehicle and Goods-in-Transit Insurance

Our comprehensive cover and exceptional service delivery to transport contractors includes more than the standard commercial motor cover.

We also offer

  • Excess reducer
  • Theft/hijacking excess reducer
  • Credit shortfall
  • Extended wreckage removal
  • Extended territorial limits
  • Cross-border towing and loss of use

Goods-in-Transit Insurance provides financial protection against the loss of, or damage to, property your business owns or is responsible for in the course of transit.

Your business' Goods-in-Transit Insurance protects the following goods against loss or damage caused by fires or acts of nature, as well as accidental or malicious damage

  • Raw materials
  • Goods being manufactured or traded
  • Goods that belong to someone else for which you are responsible

Construction and Engineering Insurance

At FNB Insurance Brokers, we understand the risks pertaining to your construction and engineering business, whether you are an employer or contractor. That's why we conduct a needs analysis of your business before tailoring our short-term insurance offering to suit your construction and engineering business' specific insurance needs.

Our construction and engineering short-term insurance offering is designed to offer you both asset protection and short-term insurance risk management solutions. Whether you are a contractor or sub-contractor in building or civil works, or provide a service as an installer or repairer, we will customise an offering that protects your business against most eventualities.

What cover is included?

  • Construction guarantees - contractors are required to provide various forms of guarantees when they are awarded a contract. Types of guarantees included:
    • Performance guarantees
    • Retention guarantees
    • Advance payment guarantees
    • Bid or tender guarantees
  • Contractors All Risks/Erection All Risks - this includes cover for all types of building construction or erection of the following:
    • Residential housing (both individual and large estates)
    • Commercial development (office blocks, warehouses and shopping centres)
    • Civil infrastructure (roads, dams, sewerage reticulation and pipelines)
  • Plant All Risks Insurance - cover on an "All Risks" basis for loss or damage to the insured plant and/or equipment whilst it is in use on site, in transit or being stored. There is optional cover available for the following:
    • Cover can be extended to include hired-in plant, continuing hire charges and public liability when used as a tool of trade
    • Cover for plant owners, plant hirer and the hiring out of plant
  • Contractors liability insurance - Contractors liability insurance cover can be attached to both Contractors All Risks and Plant All Risks insurance.

Construction and Engineering Insurance E-brochure

Guarantees (fuel, mining and construction)

Our guarantee specialists understand the importance for you to provide your clients with guarantees as opposed to cash. This will not only strengthen your clients' perceptions, but will assist you in the financing of contracts and your monthly cashflow projections.

Debtor Finance Insurance

Companies often insure their physical assets and liabilities, but fail to protect their Accounts Receivables. Insuring domestic or export credit can help with credit control and bad debt protection.

Retail Insurance

As a retailer, you supply products and services to consumers on a daily basis, which means that you have to comply with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). The CPA aims to protect consumers from unfair business practices, but what is there to protect you?

Our specialists can advise you about the risks your business is exposed to as a result of the CPA and how best to cover these risks. Our insurance cover is designed with retailers' requirements in mind - from stock and property to public liability.

Medical Practice Insurance

We understand that the unforeseen can happen to any medical practice. Due to the nature of the procedures performed by medical professionals, there are a multitude of scenarios where an accident may occur. Without cover against potential risks, your practice is left defenceless. That's why we offer you an insurance solution that gives you the peace of mind that your medical practice is protected from the unexpected.

What are the benefits of our medical practice insurance?

  • One solution for all your insurance needs, including personal lines insurance that covers your personal assets (eg, car, home, all-risks) and business insurance to cover your medical practice (eg, furniture, equipment, building contents).
  • Dispensing risk is covered up to R20 000.
  • Forcible entry stipulation is not required under the theft section.
  • Medical Malpractice cover of up to R30million.
  • Errors and Omissions and Public Liability insurance including assistance for HPCSA Hearings.
  • As an FNB client, you will receive preferential rates for your medical practice.

Medical Practice Insurance E-brochure

Agricultural Insurance

With FNB Insurance Brokers you receive the most appropriate cover for your farming business, tailored specially for various types of farming so you get peace of mind while you focus on farming. We have a proven track record when it comes to providing crop-insurance products, which extends to over 20 years of experience. This is of great value as it allows you to recover from disasters such as hail, fire or drought.

What can I insure?

Assets Covered:

  • Crops - damage to crops including hail damage, drought and natural disasters
  • Farm buildings and all business equipment including tractors, harvesters, planters and any other specialised equipment
  • Pumps and irrigation systems
  • Live stock and game
  • Building contents for both farm and residential buildings including optional cover for gates and security fences
  • Commercial and personal vehicles ( cars, bakkies, trucks) including damage to tyres of agricultural vehicles


  • Public Liability for accidental spread of fire to neighbouring farms
  • Products liability

What am I covered against?

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Theft
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Storm, wind, water, hail, snow
  • Earthquakes
  • Impact
  • Burglary
  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Loss of money
  • Malicious damage
  • Accidental loss of keys
  • Collision and overturning
  • Business interruption

Agricultural Insurance E-brochure

Wildlife Insurance

At FNB, we know that the game farming business is a high risk one. Animal species are often threatened with disease, and the challenges of capturing, moving and selling them can be catastrophic. That's why our Wildlife Insurance covers all of that, and we also provide advice to farmers and structure policies according to their unique situations and animal species.

What do we cover?

  • Auction Cover provides short-period cover for a specific auction for both the seller and the buyer.
  • Capture Cover provides cover for the death of an insured animal as a result of capturing, or injury sustained during the capturing process, or death within 24 hours due to the use of chemical immobilisation.
  • Transit Cover provides cover for the death of an insured animal due to an injury sustained during transport or death relating to an accident, theft or hijacking of the transit vehicle.
  • Post Release Stress Cover (PRS) provides cover for the death of an insured animal as a direct result of PRS following its capture and translocation.
  • All Risk Mortality Cover (ARM) includes cover for illness, injuries sustained in the veld, accidents, theft, natural catastrophes and poaching (Rhinos excluded on poaching). Various diseases and epidemics, PRS and predation are excluded.
  • Limited Mortality Cover is a combination of PRS and ARM for a limited period.
  • Catastrophe Cover provides cover for the death of an insured animal as a result of floods, fire, storms and lightning.

Wildlife Insurance E-brochure

Tourism Insurance

At FNB Insurance Brokers, we understand the risks that your tourism business faces, from public and personal liability to avoiding business interruption by keeping your doors open after theft or an unforeseen accident. That's why we conduct a needs analysis of your business before tailoring our short-term insurance products to suit your tourism business' specific insurance needs.

Our hospitality short-term insurance product is designed to offer asset protection and short-term insurance risk management solutions to all the many segments within the hospitality industry. Your tourism business' specific risk profile will help us to tailor the cover you need to protect your business against any eventuality.

Public Liability

Included benefits:

  • Liability covers visitors and guests
  • Guests'/visitors' vehicles per event - R500 000
  • Guests'/visitors' vehicle contents per event - R100 000
  • Guests'/visitors' effects per event - R100 000
  • Legal defence costs/wrongful arrest per event - R50 000, per annual period of insurance - R500 000
  • Products liability and food poisoning - consumption at premises

Optional cover:

  • Break out of wild animals
  • Relocation costs
  • European Community (EC) directive
  • Hunting liability
  • Trustees indemnity
  • Errors and omissions

Business interruption

Automatic cover:

  • Interruption following fire, buildings combined, GIT, theft, computer, accidental damage, money and glass
  • Loss of income - murder and/or suicide
  • Food and drink poisoning - on the premises or supplied by the premises
  • Loss arising from transit operations
  • Loss of specified tourist attraction (includes prevention of access)
  • Bomb evacuation
  • Loss of liquor license - legal costs and reduction in turnover
  • Bush fire/death of wild game

Optional cover:

  • Prevention of access - extended cover within 50km radius
  • Loss of specified tourist attraction (includes prevention of access)
  • Loss of use - levies
  • Cancellation of bookings - eg, sporting event, concert, conference or exhibition

Additional services available:

  • Machinery breakdown
  • Deterioration of stock
  • Motor

Tourism Insurance E-brochure

Transport Insurance

At FNB Insurance Brokers, we understand the risks that your transport business faces, from the value of goods in transit and third-party liabilities to avoiding downtime by getting your vehicles back on the road after theft or an accident. That's why we conduct an assessment of your business before tailoring our short-term insurance products to suit your transport business' specific insurance needs.

Our Heavy Haulage short-term insurance product is designed to cover heavy commercial vehicles with a gross mass exceeding 3 500kg, as well as goods in transit. Your transport business' specific risk profile will help us to tailor the cover to protect your business against any eventuality.


Included benefits:

  • Territorial limits: SADC countries (including Angola and the DRC)
  • Medical costs: R15 000 per occupant of an insured vehicle (to a maximum of R30 000)
  • Third-party liability: R2.5-million
  • Environmental clean-up: R250 000
  • Windscreen cover: no additional premium
  • Wreckage removal: R25 000
  • Fuel tank spillage clean-up: R25 000
  • Towing: all reasonable costs with no limit within SA

Benefits included for R15 000 per vehicle

  • Loss of keys
  • Fire extinguishing charges
  • Emergency repairs
  • Cross-border towing
  • Towing costs following a mechanical breakdown


Included benefits:

  • Territorial limits: SADC countries (including Angola and the DRC)
  • Fidelity cover: total loss plus partial loss included
  • Included in sum insured: containers, tarpaulins, ropes, nets, etc
  • Settlement: invoice-value of load plus transport charges
  • Recovery and protection of loads (not limited to accidents): R25 000

Optional extensions:

  • Contingency liability for sub-contractors
  • Deterioration of stock
  • Excess reducer applicable at an additional premium (flat excess)
  • Spillage cover on any premises

Transport Insurance E-brochure

Crop Insurance

At FNB Insurance Brokers, we understand that both your crops in the field - and harvests - face a variety of risks. South Africa experiences unpredictable and harsh weather conditions. Farmers face thunderstorms, hail and even snow; while summer can unleash drought and searing temperatures. There are also unpredictable dangers your harvested crops face when being transported.

Ensuring that you are covered by insurance can help you avoid the financial losses resulting from an unforeseen event. Our dedicated FNB Insurance Brokers will put time and effort into getting to know your farm. They will then use their industry knowledge to select an offering that protects you against the unique risks your farm faces - both in a business capacity and at home.

What do we cover?
  • Named Peril Cover - Crops that can be insured within this section include grain, fruit, vegetables and fibre crops.
  • Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) - Crops that can be insured within this section include maize, sunflower, sorghum and soya beans.

    FNB Insurance Brokers can cover specific perils that can harm the yield of your produce. General perils are defined by the following risks, and cover is offered as a result of:

  • Hail
  • Frost (conditions apply)
  • Fire
  • Transit
  • This policy is available in advance of planting season. *

Crop Insurance E-Brochure

Fuel Retailers Insurance

Cover for a number of risks specific to fuel retailers

Owning a forecourt franchise presents a unique set of challenges. While you concentrate on keeping cars fueled and coffee cups filled, we're hard at work protecting your business.

FNB Insurance Brokers offer professional guidance from our experienced specialists who will investigate, advise and structure an appropriate short-term insurance solution for your business.

We offer personalised cover based on your business's specific needs and requirements.

Through our years of experience working with franchisees, we understand the potential difficulties you are facing. We can successfully assist both fuel retailers who operate under a lease and rental agreement, and those who own the land and buildings where the business operates from.

FNB Insurance Brokers have the expertise to craft a short-term insurance offering that will provide the perfect cover for everything you need through a single, dedicated point of contact.

Our unique offering includes cover for a number of risks that are specific to fuel retailers, including:

  • Retailer's Guarantee
  • Forecourt Negligence
  • Environmental Liability

Accidents, crime, floods or fire can happen to anyone, but our brokers work hard to understand the risk profile of each of our clients' businesses - and the industries in which they operate. With 30 commercial broker branches nationally, FNB Insurance Brokers understand these unique risks and provide advice on the best short-term insurance available to help protect your business's assets and liability risks.

View our Fuel Retailers Insurance eBrochure

FNB Insurance Brokers

Experienced specialists

With FNB Insurance Brokers you get access to specialised, and reliable short-term insurance advice and specialised products for your business. We take the time to get to know you and your business and as a result, we understand the unique risks that are associated with your industry and how they can affect the success of your business.

Why FNB Insurance Brokers

Best insurance solutions

We specialise in business, commercial and industrial short-term insurance. There are 28 FNB Insurance Brokers branches nationally, with Insurance Specialists who provide advice on the best insurance solutions available to help protect your business's assets.

Why use FNB Insurance Brokers?

  • You will receive professional advice from our experienced specialists who will investigate, advise and structure an appropriate solution for your business.
  • We offer product specific cover based on your business's specific needs and requirements.
  • We will structure your policy to be cost-effective and cater for your needs.
  • We only partner with blue-chip insurers, for your peace of mind.

What we offer

Protect your assets

The unforeseen can happen to any business, irrespective of its industry or size. Without cover against potential risks, your business is left defenceless.

In the event of an insurable financial loss or loss of assets, your company may not be able to bounce back. Liability exposure over the past decade has increased substantially and the potential losses arising from this could be enormous.

Protecting your assets and the security of your business should be an important aspect of your business's overall financial plan, and we want to help you make the best choices. Our short-term Insurance Specialists can advise you on your insurance needs and customise our insurance solutions with your business's needs in mind.

We offer a full range of products, from general insurance to industry-specific cover.


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