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Corporate Public Sector

Terms and conditions

  1. FNB facilitates company registration with CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission). FNB offers this as a free service to its customers.
  2. This service is only available to customers who physically reside in South Africa and are South African citizens.
  3. The process can only be completed once all necessary documentation and payment is received.
  4. Documentation includes:
    Proof of address of company (not older than 3 months)
    Identity documents of all directors
    SAR form (FNB will provide this form)
  5. CIPC charges a fee of R125 for registration and R50 for name reservation of a company.
  6. The application will be closed if payment and necessary documentation is not received within 7 days of starting the process.
  7. FNB only offers company registration (including name reservation) services with CIPC. Please note all other applications will need to be done at CIPC directly.
  8. It takes up to 10 working days, after payment and necessary documentation is received, for company registration and name reservation at CIPC.
  9. Name reservation: Even if FNB indicates a name is likely available, the name may be unavailable at the time of processing. If all 4 given names are unavailable, a k number is issued as the registered name. The name can be used for trading purposes. However, this name needs to be changed at a later date with CIPC. You are still liable for payment in this instance.
  10. FNB does not provide the service of changing a company's name at CIPC after registration.
  11. Please be aware that CIPC also manages other intellectual property apart from only company records, trademarks being one of them. Despite the fact that trademarks are also managed by CIPC, trademark records are dealt with separately from company records and are not checked against each other which could expose your company to trade mark infringement proceedings if your company name is identical or similar to a prior filed/registered trademark. Should your company name infringe a 3rd party's trademark FNB will not be liable for any costs, litigations fees, damages or the like resulting from such infringement. Accordingly, we highly recommend that you consult a trade mark attorney (for example, see ) to conduct a trade mark availability search prior to registering and using your company name.


Register hassle free

FNB will help facilitate your CIPC company registration and provide you
with a business account and the tools needed to grow your business.

What this is

Let us assist you with your company registration

  • CIPC charges an initial once-off fee of R125 for company registration.
  • If you would like to utilise name reservation, an additional R50 once-off fee will be payable.
  • The total fee for company registration and name reservation is R175 payable to CIPC
  • This service is only available if you are registering a PTY (Ltd) (Private Companies).
  • This is only available to citizens or permanent residents of the Republic of South Africa and where all shareholders are natural persons.
  • Copies of your CIPC registration correspondence will be emailed to you.

We will help you register your company with CIPC and open your FNB Business Bank Account.

To operate a company in South Africa the company must be registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) of South Africa prior to commencing business.


Name reservation

You can reserve your company's name

Two options are available when registering a company: You can reserve a name for your company when you register or you can register your company without name reservation - CIPC will auto generate a name based on the registration number of the company.

The process, including name reservation, should be completed in 5 working days after payment and necessary documents are received.

No documents are needed. In the unlikely event that one or more director's ID documents are not available, we will contact you.

What you get

Benefits of registering your company through FNB

  1. Save time, as you can register your company online. No queues, no hassles and a fast turnaround time of 5 working days, once the application is complete.
  2. You can register your company from anywhere in the world.
  3. All documentation of your successful registration will be provided to you electronically.
  4. You can save money when registering at CIPC as you have two options for registration, Company only (that is a Company, without name reservation - CIPC auto generates a name, based on the registration number of the company), which costs R125, or Company with a name reservation chosen by you, which costs a total of R175. No facilitation fee is charged by FNB.
  5. We will open your Business Bank Account and enjoy all the value-added benefits of banking with FNB.

Please note:

  • We cannot attach a pre-reserved name to a new company registration within our process.

We recommend that you obtain professional advice on the most suitable type of legal entity for your specific needs. Different legal entities have different advantages and disadvantages and it is important that you familiarise yourself with the specific legal requirements applicable to your chosen legal entity.


Registration made easy


How to apply

Register now

Documents needed

  • No documents are needed. In tthe unlikely event that one or more director's ID documents are not available, we will contact you.