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Embracing alternative energy solutions, while my business continues to grow

FNB has included alternative energy solutions to their product offering solutions, to not only enhance productivity but reduce business' operating costs in order to become more self-sufficient.

Benefits of using alternative energy:

  • Consistently lower energy bills: We're here to help you figure out the best solution and help you find a sustainable finance solution to propel your business into a sustainable future.
  • Certainty of supply: your business has an uninterrupted energy supply, allowing your business to function at its optimum capacity.
  • Sustainability: The long-term benefits in terms of cost-saving and business sustainability far outweigh the upfront costs.

The challenges of traditional energy sources

  • Increasing cost of energy supply
  • Energy uncertainty due to load shedding and infrastructure constraints
  • The global need to go be 'Greener' and more sustainable

Types of alternative energy solutions available to you:

  • Solar power
    This is the most used solution as this is the most readily accessible resource at our disposal. Solar power harnesses the energy of the sun via photo-voltaic cells. Most areas in South Africa average more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year.
    1. Grid-Tied
      One of the most cost-effective solar solutions for most businesses would be a grid-tied solution. Grid tied systems consist of two key components - solar panels and a dedicated grid-tied inverter. This can save 30% to 50% on your electricity bill. However, it does not provide a backup to your main electricity supply. It therefore does not assist in the event of power interruption.
    2. Off-grid
      This is where a business is disconnected from the utility. It is an expensive and complex solution which is dependent on sunny skies for energy. Consequently, it is not in all cases commercially viable.
    3. Hybrid Model
      An in-between solution which is growing in popularity is a hybrid model: this provides the best of the savings of a grid tied system, but with the capability of back-up power. This addresses Business Continuity and is recommended for most SMEs.
  • Battery backup
    Solar battery back-up means you will have power regardless of whether the grid is online or not. Under this category, there are two solutions available:
    1. Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) - These battery backup devices are designed to provide immediate backup electricity in the event of a power interruption. This is essential for devices that can be damaged by a power interruption that causes improper shutdown such as electronics.
    2. Battery inverter - Battery inverters can be scaled according to your requirements from simple solutions for home-office use with plug-in outlets like a portable generator to installed solutions which are wired into the distribution board and even containerised battery solutions for industrial applications.
  • Generators
    There are two solutions available:
    1. Portable generator - This is a petrol or diesel-powered device which provides temporary electrical power, up to a certain level of demand. You can plug electrical appliances or tools directly into the generator's plugs, or the generator can be professionally connected into your business' distribution board. Portable generators offer you various options in terms of shape, size, levels of sound insulation and power capacity.
    2. Standby generator - Are typically larger and installed in a fixed location. The system continually operates in standby mode and monitors your energy supply for any indication of a power failure. Once a power failure is detected, the generator automatically starts up, providing backup power with minimal disruption to operations. Standby generators are designed to work for up to a few hours at a time.
  • We have a panel of energy specialists that we can recommend, or we can work with a specialist of your choice to allow you to unlock significant savings over the long term.

    Once an alternative energy solution has been identified, we can assess any project on its deliverables and incorporate that information into our credit assessment. We combine this with our tailored financial solutions and provide the best financing rates your business requirements.

    Get access to our offerings and solutions - or contact us on