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If you do not have a card + pin

If you do not have a card and PIN you can visit your closest FNB branch or contact your business banker to assist you with the documentation required to register.

  • Complete the form and then contact the branch where your business account(s) is held or contact a consultant.
  • The appropriate mandates must be signed by the signatories authorised by a resolution to sign the mandate.
  • We will proceed to set up access to the relevant account(s), for individual signatories.
  • Each individual with authorised access will be issued with a cheque card and PIN or an eReg card and PIN subject to the mandate signed above, which they will use to register for Online Banking for Business.
  • If you have already completed the above steps, complete your application online.

Online Banking for Business

Banking your business 24/7

Have your own FNB branch wherever you have access to the internet and manage your business's money 24/7.


What you can do

Building your business


What you can do with Online Banking for Business

As a business banker

  • Do your banking whenever you choose
  • Payment notification sent via email or fax
  • Use our FREE Instant Accounting, Instant Invoicing, Instant Cashflow and Instant Payroll tools.
  • Future-dating of payments up to 12 months in advance
  • Same day value for payments to other banks
  • Referencing for all transactions
  • Verify payment notification received from an online banking user
  • Find commonly used recipients using the Public List Search
  • Register for free on our Business Directory
  • Stay in touch with your transacting using inContact Pro

Registering made easy

Online Banking for Business

How do I register for
Online Banking
for Business?

Should you have a card and PIN in the business' name,
please complete registration online by selecting Register Now.

What if you do not have a card + pin?

How to get it

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