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No company name, using a Trading or Business Name - which is NOT registered

Companies have the option of selecting its own business name or trading name,which is not registered with CIPC. There is provision for trading names in our Application Process.

There is no fee or specific process attached to this arrangement. The only risk is if another company who owns that name as a Registered Company Name or Trade Mark, legally opposes the use of such a name, you might be asked to stop using it.

No company name, using an enterprise number.

This is what we currently accommodate through our Business Account application process. Nothing prevents the entity from trading with only aCompany Registration Number.

Attaching a name (by registering one) after company registration

Companies that wish to attach a name to a company after registration through our Application, need to reserve a name through the CIPC website.

This costs R50.

Terms and conditions

  1. FNB facilitates company registration with CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission). FNB offers this as a free service to its customers.
  2. This service is only available to customers who physically reside in South Africa and are South African citizens.
  3. The process can only be completed once all necessary documentation and payment is received.
  4. Documentation includes:
    Proof of address of company (not older than 3 months)
    Identity documents of all directors
    SAR form (FNB will provide this form)
  5. CIPC charges a fee of R125 for registration and R50 for name reservation of a company.
  6. The application will be closed if payment and necessary documentation is not received within 7 days of starting the process.
  7. FNB only offers company registration (including name reservation) services with CIPC. Please note all other applications will need to be done at CIPC directly.
  8. It takes up to 10 working days, after payment and necessary documentation is received, for company registration and name reservation at CIPC.
  9. Name reservation: Even if FNB indicates a name is likely available, the name may be unavailable at the time of processing. If all 4 given names are unavailable, a k number is issued as the registered name. The name can be used for trading purposes. However, this name needs to be changed at a later date with CIPC. You are still liable for payment in this instance.
  10. FNB does not provide the service of changing a company's name at CIPC after registration.
  11. Please be aware that CIPC also manages other intellectual property apart from only company records, trademarks being one of them. Despite the fact that trademarks are also managed by CIPC, trademark records are dealt with separately from company records and are not checked against each other which could expose your company to trade mark infringement proceedings if your company name is identical or similar to a prior filed/registered trademark. Should your company name infringe a 3rd party's trademark FNB will not be liable for any costs, litigations fees, damages or the like resulting from such infringement. Accordingly, we highly recommend that you consult a trade mark attorney (for example, see to conduct a trade mark availability search prior to registering and using your company name.


Register hassle free

When you apply for an FNB Business Account, we will help
you register your business with CIPC at no additional cost.

What's hot

Register with no additional cost.

If you want to register a new private company and you apply for an FNB Business Account, we will help you register your business with CIPC at no additional cost.


We help register your company with CIPC on your behalf

Applicable when you apply for a Business Account for your newly founded private company.

Only pay the CIPC registration

You will receive electronic copies of your CIPC registration correspondence.

Company naming

Options for your new private company

As a new business owner, the following options with regards to naming reservations are available to you, for your new private company.

No company name, using a trading or business name - which is NOT registered

No company name, using an enterprise number

Attaching a name (by registering one) after company registration


Registering made easy


Qualifying criteria

You need to have an FNB Business Account

How to get it

Register now

Other ways to apply

Contact us

Documents needed

  • South African ID Book/card for each member or director
  • Proof of operating address for your business