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What is an IT3(b) certificate?

Historically an IT3(b) certificate was a document that indicates your total interest earned on any investment product(s) you held with us. In accordance with the South African Revenue Service's ("SARS") requirements we have reported this information to SARS on a yearly basis.

From February 2013 SARS has requested that we report information, including but not limited to all interest earned and all interest paid by you (if any), on all deposit, loan and transactional accounts over and above investment accounts on a bi-annual (12 months from March of the previous year to February of the current year and 6 months from March of the current year to August of the current year) basis (per the Government Gazette No. 35090 dated 29 February 2012, Volume 560 ("GG")). Even if no interest is earned or paid by you we are required to report any balances on the account to SARS.

Accordingly, the layout of the IT3(b) certificate will include, not only interest earned (if any) by you but, interest paid by you (if any) depending on the type of account(s) you hold with us (e.g. home loan, fixed deposit, cheque account).

If you invest in shares you may receive an IT3(b) certificate, from FNB Retail Equities Nominees (Pty) Ltd, that indicates dividends declared to you for the period and also potentially other types of income earned by you such as rental income. Dividend information (and other types of income) has historically been reported together with interest reporting. In terms of the new dividend taxing process, we will only report this information for dividend tax return purposes accordingly the layout of the "dividend" IT3(b) certificate has also changed. This certificate is a separate certificate to the interest only certificate

Calculation of interest earned

If interest is paid over to you, capitalised or redirected (based on what you've chosen in terms of the investment you hold) we calculate the interest earned by you on a monthly basis and will be reported on a bi-annual basis.

In the event that you have an investment whereby the interest is only received by you at the end of the investment period which extends beyond 12 months then, as required by South African tax legislation, the interest you would have 'earned' if it had been paid out to you, capitalised or redirected will be calculated on a monthly basis and spread over the period until maturity of the product instead of calculating a gross interest amount for the five year period.

When do I receive an IT3(b) certificate?

An IT3(b) certificate will be generated by us for the financial year ending February with regard to individuals and non-individuals. Over and above this an interest statement will be generated for non-individuals with a tax year end other than February which will cover only interest earned by you and will relate to a different period.

You will receive the IT3(b) certificate before submission deadlines towards the middle of the year subject to the interest threshold rules below. There is no threshold applicable to dividends.

Will I receive at least one IT3(b) certificate?

From an interest perspective you won't necessarily receive at least one certificate. The IT3(b) certificate and / or interest statement will only be posted or emailed to you if your account (if you have one account with us) or portfolio (if you have more than one account with us) earned R500 or more of interest over the reporting period (February to February of each year). However, irrespective of the R500 threshold, you may request your IT3(b) certificate and / interest statement on online banking or at any branch or contact us on 087 320 4321and we will either post or email the certificate to you or print the certificate for you. Alternatively you can log on to your online banking and print it from there.

If you have received dividends you should receive a separate IT3(b) certificate as there are no thresholds applicable. If you do not receive the "dividend" IT3(b) certificate either visit a branch or call us on 087 320 4321.

How long do you keep IT3(b) certificates?

We do not delete certificates and you will be able to obtain your tax certificate from 2003.

For which tax years can IT3(b) certificates be retrieved through Online Banking?

You will be able to obtain your certificate from online banking for the last five years.

How are IT3(b) certificates generated?

IT3(b) certificates and interest statements are generated from account and financial information for each client and each account.

For which products can IT3(b) certificates be retrieved?

Before February 2013 IT3(b) certificates can be retrieved for all investment type products. From February 2013 IT3(b) certificates can be retrieved for all accounts.

What is a threshold?

We apply a threshold ("interest limit" which is R500 per the comment above) in order to determine whether an "interest" IT3(b) certificate or interest statement will be generated and posted or emailed or only generated and saved on our network. However even if you have earned no interest or have only paid interest (e.g. on a personal loan) this information will still be reported to SARS. There is no threshold for dividends and other income.

Is there a charge for this service through Online Banking?

There is no charge for your certificates.

Know your tax certificate

Your proof of payment

A tax certificate is an official proof of payment of due taxes on an income or property. You can apply of a tax clearance certificate if you have paid all your taxes and everything is up to date with SARS.